Future Features

You can also influence it by sending us your ideas

Some of the ideas for future releases

  • Two players, score list positioning based on the position of the surface - if horizontal, oposite one to another to accomodate table in between players
  • Windows Phone 8 version
  • Playability over bluetooth - imagine you are traveling, or just waiting in a queue, with a friend. Wouldn't it be nice to play it one on one at the time, as you would play it with real dice and a sheet of paper.
  • System of challenges - a possibility to challenge a friend, then play the game. He/she is able to accept the challenge and play almost interactively with you. The game will be virtually develop turn by turn, by presenting your score from particular turn. That way he/she can adjust the tactics to eventually win. Yes, if you are challenged you have this opportunity.
  • Dual scores from past challenges would be tracked and available online, and in the application itself.

If you have an older operating system (Windows 98 or earlier), or any other operating system supporting Java, please visit this link for older versions of Yamb (client and online java version), but note that they don't have any server score related features.