Sticker Manager

Collect stickers with ease

If you like collecting stickers, then this is an application for you. All you need is a Windows 10/Windows Phone 10 device - touch or mouse enabled, and you can forget about paper and pencil troubles.

  • Have your list available in any situation. You don't forget your mobile phone that often
  • Correct your entires straightforward
  • Track number of missing stickers, and number of duplicates instantly
  • Filter your stickers and have a look at missing stickers easily
  • Create & configure albums so that you can have more than one album traced at a time

Sticker Manager for Windows 10/Windows Phone 10

Version 1.0

Please use the windows app store in order to install the application. You can go there directly by using the following link: Go to store

Prerequisites - Windows 10 or Windows Phone 10 (Android version coming soon)

Stickers for Windows Mobile

Version 1.0

Windows mobile CAB file. Copy the file to your mobile phone, and run it there. The installation is straightforward.

Prerequisites - Windows Mobile 5.0 or higher