Tips and Tricks

How to improve your game

Here are some short advices on how you can play Yamb better than your friends:

  • Keep the Free column for later stages of the game, when it is critical and writing oportunities are limited
  • Open the Up column on time, by gaining Yamb (or eventually writing 0). This is especially important in 4 columns, 5 dice game
  • Develop the Down column, and approach Kent in time
  • If playing with 6 columns, write to Hand column as soon as you can for each row
  • In 6 column game, start the Middle column on time in the down direction. This will help you fill in difficult cells, and open Yamb in the column on time.
  • If you get a poker from hand and have Poker and Yamb in the Assign column, don't be greedy. Usually it doesn't pay of.
  • Get lots of aces as they are multiplying factor for calculating Difference
  • It is important to have greater dice when obtaining score in the bottom part. For example, a Full of 6s and 5s is 68, while a Full of aces and 2s is only 47, making it a 21 point difference.